The Burren

You'll be left enchanted by this small, secluded gem of a place.

The Burren is a province in County Clare, Ireland. Small, quaint and fairly unexplored by the throngs of tourists you may otherwise see in places like Dublin or even smaller towns like Killarney, The Burren was unarguably the high point of our Irish holiday.

We ought to say that one of the biggest reasons we stayed here was the Gregans Castle Hotel. We planned to visit the Cliffs of Moher and stay overnight at one of the towns close by. Most visitors choose to stay at Galway, a small but lively city known for it’s numerous pubs. But one look at Gregans Castle and we were certain that this was it.


The famous Cliffs of Moher that lie at the edge of the Burren

The Burren is not lush and verdant like the other parts of Ireland. But perhaps that’s what makes it so unique. Its rocky landscape has a wild and magical vibe to it. And don’t be too surprised if it reminds you of something straight out of Tolkien’s books; the writer found inspiration here.

Since ours was a road trip across Ireland, we spent only one night here. However, if you’re up for a slow paced, relaxing break, we’d recommend a two or three night stay.

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