What should you expect from Dublin? Copious amounts of Guinness, some seriously stellar, albeit amateur bands busking at every street corner and just about a million stag and hen party revellers.

When you walk into a bar and find a guy in a Spiderman costume chatting with a group of girls, you know the night is going to be pretty epic. Besides Spidey, we also saw a group of girls in tennis outfits, a bunch of guys dressed like the Italian mafia and well, a guy in a white bridal gown, veil et al.

As you might already have gathered, Dublin is a supremely fun city. But we have to admit, we wish we had travelled here in our 20s or at least while we were still single or able to party all night (and all day).

Not to say there isn’t enough to do if you are older. There is the iconic Trinity college campus to marvel at, plenty of heritage walking tours, literary tours as well as Viking ones. However, most of these tours are too, well for lack of a better word – touristy. So we stayed away from them and enjoyed the city by walking around and discovering things along the way.

What we loved most about Dublin was the music. The bands busking on street corners played covers, their own renditions as well as original tracks. And they were all pretty brilliant, so much so that we were certain that at some point during our visit we had listened to the country’s next U2 or Kings of Leon.

Dublin - A band at every street corner

Dublin – A band at every street corner

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